How to survive a plane journey with mischievous kids

Children are usually very excited about traveling. They especially love flying. Even the parents would like to travel all around the world with their kids. They would love to see their children happy. But at the same time, it is undoubtedly not an easy task to travel with kids. Especially if the kids are notorious, traveling with them can be very exhausting. Are you planning to take your kids for a vacation? Are you wondering how to manage a flight journey with your naughty kid? Here are a few tips that will help you survive the journey.

Book your tickets in advance

If you are traveling with a kid, it is necessary that you ensure the safety of both you and your kid. So book your seats well in advance. Say you have promised a trip to Mumbai to your kid. Say you have promised your child to go on a trip in May. Book the Delhi to Mumbai flights at least by mid-April. This will ensure that you get a confirmed seat.

Take the earliest flight

When you are traveling with kids, it is always advisable to travel in the earliest flight possible. These flights are less crowded than the flights during the day. Your kid will feel more comfortable if you travel by a less crowded flight. So, book the earliest of the Delhi to Mumbai flights.


When you are traveling with your kid, you cannot afford to forget anything. So make a list of all the necessary items, especially the essential documents. Do not forget your Government IDs, Passport, Flight tickets, etc.

Carry snacks

Your kid might feel hungry on the plane. Kids also love passing the time by munching something. So, to ensure that they are not nagging you for food, carry packets of snacks with you. You can take snacks like biscuits, chips packets, their favorite cookies. Even remember to keep your kid hydrated by feeding them with fluids. Flights are usually very dry. This dryness can make them ill.

Keep them occupied

It is natural for kids to get bored in a 3 to 4 hours flight journey. They might turn out to be very troublesome if they get bored. So always carry a few things to keep them entertained. You can bring stuff like portable DVD player, Kindle, MP3 player, a small book and color pencils, etc.

Be prepared for embarrassing moments

When you have naughty kids around, embarrassment in public is very common. So even when you are traveling by flights, get ready for some mischief. They might start disturbing the other passengers. Try to control your kid so that it is not a nuisance for your co-passengers.

Make friends with other parents

Try to strike a conversation with other parents in the airport. They might have had prior experiences of managing children in flights. Your kid might even find some company on the plane.

Take off and Landing

It is normal for your child to complain about feeling uncomfortable during takeoff and landing. They might complain about ear popping. Hence, be prepared to comfort them. Ask them to yawn or keep chewing gum or use headphones during takeoff and landing.

Following the above directions will ensure you a happy trip with your mischievous kid.